These regulations, including the zoning district maps made a part hereof, shall be known and may be cited as the “Zoning Regulations of the City of Andover, Kansas,” and shall hereinafter be referred to as “these regulations.”

These regulations are intended to serve the following purposes:

A.    To promote the public health, safety, morals, comfort and general welfare;

B.    To establish a variety of zoning district classifications according to the use of land and buildings with varying intensities of uses and standards whose interrelationships of boundary zones form a compatible pattern of land uses and buffer areas which enhance the value of each zone;

C.    To regulate and restrict the location, use and appearance of buildings, structures and land within each district and to zone for residential, commercial, industrial and other purposes including flood plains;

D.    To regulate and restrict the height, number of stories and size of buildings and structures including their distance from any street or highway; the percentage of each lot that may be occupied by buildings and other structures; and size of yards, courts and other open spaces;

E.    To protect property values and conserve energy and natural resources;

F.    To provide for adequate light and air and acceptable noise levels;

G.    To avoid the undue concentration of population and vehicular traffic and to prevent overcrowding the use of land and public facilities;

H.    To facilitate the adequate provision of transportation, water supply, sewage disposal, schools, parks and other public improvements;

I.     To provide adequate public notice on proposed changes in these regulations and zoning maps and an opportunity to be heard on such zoning matters;

J.     To establish and provide procedures for the Board of Zoning Appeals to consider appeals, variances and conditional uses as exceptions; and

K.    To implement the goals, policies and proposals of the comprehensive plan for the zoning jurisdiction.

These regulations are adopted under authority established by K.S.A., 12-741 et seq., as amended, 12-736, 12-753 to 12-761 inclusive, 12-763, 12-764, 12-766, 12-3009 to 12-3012 inclusive, 12-3301 and 12-3302.

These regulations shall apply to all buildings, structures and land within the corporate limits of the City of Andover, Kansas, as presently exist or are hereafter established by annexation.