There is hereby levied and assessed a monthly surcharge on each monthly water billing form, as billed by the City of Wichita, Kansas, in addition to the regular rate charged by said City, of ($.20) for each one thousand gallons or fraction thereof used each month by each separate user, with a minimum surcharge of one dollar and thirty five cents ($1.35) per month for each separate user per month.

(Ord. 366, Sec. 1)

The proceeds from such surcharge made pursuant to Section 19-201 hereinabove shall first be applied to the administrative costs of said City in the operation of the combined water works system and sewage disposal system, and the balance of all such surcharges shall be applied to a water/sewer revenue account, which is hereby established. Said water/sewer revenue account shall be used first for the purpose of retiring principal and interest payments on water and/or sewer revenue bonds, if any, and then for the purpose of construction and reconstruction of water and sewer lines and facilities.

(Ord. 660, Sec. 2)

The City Clerk and City Treasurer of said City and all other administrative officers of said City are hereby authorized, empowered and directed to perform all administerial functions to carry out this article including any necessary certificates to the Water Department of the City of Wichita, Kansas empowering said City of Wichita to include such surcharge in each monthly water billing of water customers in the City of Andover, Kansas.

(Ord. 251, Sec. 5)