It shall be unlawful for any person to place, deposit, or permit to be deposited in an unsanitary manner upon public or private property within the City of Andover, or in any area under the jurisdiction of said City, any human or animal excrement, garbage, or other objectionable waste. It shall be unlawful to discharge to any natural outlet within the City of Andover, or in any area under the jurisdiction of said City, any sanitary sewage, industrial wastes, or other polluted waters, except where suitable treatment has been provided in accordance with subsequent provisions of this article.

(Ord. 84, Sec. 201, 202)

Except as hereinafter provided, it shall be unlawful to construct or maintain any privy, privy vault, septic tank, cesspool, or other facility intended or used for the disposal of sewage; however, an exception should be made that a properly constructed concrete vault privy will be permitted under unusual circumstances unless such should not be used because of sanitation or other reasons.

(Ord. 84, Sec. 203)

The owner of all houses, buildings or properties used for human occupancy, employment, recreation, or other purpose, situated within the City and abutting any street, alley, or right-of-way in which there is now located or may in the future be located a public sanitary sewer of the city is hereby required at his expense to install suitable toilet facilities therein, and to connect such facilities directly with the proper public sewer in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, Article 4, within ninety (90) days after date of official notice to do so,  provided that said public sewer is within one hundred (100) feet of the property line.  (See Sec. 16-202).

(Ord. 84, Sec. 204; Code 2011)

Notwithstanding Sections 16-202 and 16-203 of the Andover City Code, the Governing Body may waive the general requirement for connection to the City of Andover Public Sewer System from property owners with unusual circumstances which will create and undue hardship if such connection is required.  This exemption shall only be applicable to parties applying for the same at the time of annexation into the City of Andover.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, this exemption shall not be applicable if the failure to connect to the Andover Public Sewer System will result in a health hazard or nuisance, or if such connection is otherwise required by applicable state or federal regulation.

(Ord. 731)