The Governing Body of the City of Andover, Kansas may, from time to time when satisfied that the area in question is isolated to the extent that the same does not cause public or private nuisances, establish areas within the corporate limits of said City on which skeet or trapshooting ranges may be maintained, but before such ranges are established the City shall in each case designate by ordinance the boundaries of such area.

(Ord. 206, Sec. 2)

Once the City of Andover designates an area for skeet or trapshooting ranges, such action shall not be construed as vesting a permanent or absolute right to maintain such ranges and the Governing Body reserves, in its discretion, the absolute right to revoke such permission and exceptions, such revocation to be made by ordinance of the City.

(Ord.  206, Sec. 3)

Notwithstanding the designation of any area as a skeet or trapshooting area, no firearms shall be discharged thereon in such a manner as to trespass on any other property owned by persons other than the owners of the designated area; and no type firearm shall be used thereon except shotguns; nor shall any shells or loads be used on such ranges containing in excess of three drams of explosive equivalent; nor shall any shot be used of a size larger than No. 6 shot.

(Ord. 206, Sec. 4)

The following area in the City of Andover, Kansas is hereby designated as being deemed available for use as a trapshooting range only:

(a)   Commencing at the Southeast Corner (SE/C) of the Northeast Quarter (NE 1/4) of Section Nineteen (19), Township Twenty-Seven (27), Range Three (3) East, Thence West 645 feet, Thence North 400 feet, Thence East 645 feet, Thence South 400 feet to point of beginning, excepting street right-of-ways.

(b)   Commencing at the NW Corner of the West half of the Southeast quarter of Section 8, Township 27 S, Range 3 thence East 798.89 feet to the North right-of-way line of Kansas Turnpike, thence Southwesterly 904.96 feet along Kansas Turnpike right-of-way, North 428.10 feet to point of beginning.

(Ord. 206, Sec. 5)