The Governing Body of Andover, Kansas hereby ratifies the establishment of a library serving the area and residents of the City of Andover, Kansas. 

(Ord. 115, Sec. 1).

It is hereby declared to be the intention of the Governing Body of the City of Andover, Kansas to each year levy a tax of at least 1/4 Mill or more for the support of such library.

(Ord. 115, Sec. 2)

It is hereby declared to be the intention of the Governing Body of Andover, Kansas to exempt the property within said city from any assessment for a regional cooperating library under K.S.A. 75-2549; and the Mayor and the City Clerk of said city are hereby authorized to take whatever action is necessary to procure such exemption.

(Ord. 115, Sec. 3)

Pursuant to the provisions of K.S.A 12-1222 et. seq. there is hereby established a library board for the City Library. This Board shall be referred to as the Board of Directors of City of Andover Library. The Board created herein, shall consist of such members who shall be appointed for such terms as are required by statute. The organization of said Board and the powers and liabilities thereof, shall likewise be consistent with the provisions of K.S.A. 12-1222 et. seq.

(Ord. 515, Sec. 1:2)

There is hereby established a late charge of Fifteen Cents (0.15) per day for any book checked out from the Andover Public Library which is not returned by the date due, said charge being assessed to the party to whom such book has been checked out to.

(Ord. 603)

The late penalty provided for herein shall continue to accrue for each day the library is open up to the maximum amount of Five Dollars ($5.00) per book.

(Ord. 603)

In addition to the penalties provided for herein, it shall be unlawful for any person to check a book out of the Andover Public Library and fail to return it within 60 days from the date due. Any person found in violation of this section, upon conviction, shall be punished by a fine of up to One hundred ($100.00) dollars and by incarceration in the county jail up to 5 days. In addition thereto, any person so convicted shall be required to pay to the City of Andover the fair market price of any such book not returned.

(Ord. 603)