These regulations may be amended at any time after the Planning Commission shall have held a public hearing on the proposed amendment. A notice of such public hearing shall be published once in the official city newspaper so that at least 20 days shall elapse between the publication date and the date of such hearing. Such notice shall fix the time and place for the hearing and shall describe such proposed amendment(s) in general terms. The hearing may be adjourned from time to time. At its conclusion, the Planning commission shall prepare its recommendations and by an affirmative vote of a majority of the entire membership of the commission adopt the proposed  amendments to these regulations and submit them, together with the written summary of the hearing thereon, to the Governing Body. The Governing Body either may: (1) Approve such recommendations by ordinance; (2) override the Planning Commission recommendation by a 2/3 majority vote; or (3) return the same to the Commission for further consideration, together with a statement specifying the basis for the Governing Body’s failure to approve or disapprove. If the Governing Body returns the commission’s recommendations, the Commission after considering the same, may resubmit their original recommendations giving the reasons therefore or submit new and amended recommendations. Upon the receipt of such recommendations, the Governing Body, by a simple majority thereof, may adopt or may revise or amend and adopt such recommendations by an ordinance, or it need take no further action thereon. If the Commission fails to deliver its recommendations to the Governing Body following the Commission’s next regular meeting after receipt of the Governing Body’s report, the Governing Body shall consider such course of inaction on the part of the commission as a resubmission of the original recommendations and proceed accordingly. The amended regulations shall become effective upon publication of the respective adopting ordinance. A copy of such legal publication shall be added to the Appendix of these regulations.

In order to maintain these regulations, the Planning Commission shall annually hold a public review at its regular meeting in January to consider amendments, if any, to these regulations. Notification of such a public review may be distributed to governmental agencies and interested parties. If amendments are deemed desirable, the amendment procedure as described in Section 12-100 shall be followed. During the intervening period between reviews, the Subdivision Administrator shall maintain a list of possible amendments which may be periodically brought to his or her attention.

As provided by K.S.A. 12-760, as amended, any ordinance, regulation or decision provided for or authorized by these regulations shall be reasonable and any person aggrieved thereby may have the reasonableness of any decision determined by bringing an action against the City within 30 days after a final decision is made by the city. Such action shall be brought in the Butler County District Court.